Changing Paths

Who is Changing Paths?

We are Andrea and Joshua, a couple who met in Brighton, England (was obviously a meet-cute not online dating 😉 )and started dating in 2019. Combined we’ve traveled to 25 countries, and are so excited to add more to that list!

We have a passion for going off the beaten track and exploring lesser know regions of the country. Even if the country itself is known to be touristy, we have found that if you go a slightly different route you will find an amazing adventure filled with excitement, mystery, and the most lovely locals. An adventure that you would never expect to find!

One of our favourite ways to travel is road tripping. Josh has always loved to hike, and now hikes to smaller villages that no roads or trains access. So expect to read about lots of fun road trips and stories from the ever-changing paths!

How Do We Travel?

This really depends on the location and the time of travel. Andrea has found one of the perks of living in Europe is that we can do weekend trips to different countries so easily. So you may find blogs about seeing a cheap flight to maybe Germany and jumping on the plane. From there we can easily have a great weekend seeing the city and eating amazing food!

However if we go away for 2 weeks or more you will find that we don’t like to spend too much time in the cities. On trips like that we enjoy getting out of the cities and seeing what else is out there. We find that getting out of the cities allows us to experience more of that country or region’s culture, which we both love to so whilst travelling!

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We’re so excited to share our stories with you!