Applying for a UK Visa- 2019 vs. 2021

Visas. The part of travel that stresses me out the most. But if you want to live in a new country and you don’t have a second passport and aren’t part of the EU, what are you supposed to do? In 2019 I applied for my first UK visa, the Tier 4 Student Visa. AsContinue reading “Applying for a UK Visa- 2019 vs. 2021”

Travelling as a Couple: Our Story

Travelling is an activity that can be done completely alone, in a large group, with a family, or as many pairs do, with your partner. Josh and I talked about travel on our first date, he had an upcoming trip to Japan, and I had just moved to England to begin my Masters. We talkedContinue reading “Travelling as a Couple: Our Story”