Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tours! An Incredible Time

Growing up a major book-nerd, I loved reading Harry Potter. I dreamed of attending Hogwarts, being friends with the Weasleys, and studying with Hermione. When the movies came out I went with my family to the midnight theatre premieres. We would all wear our robes and stay up until 2:00am watching the newest movie. InContinue reading “Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tours! An Incredible Time”

Applying for a UK Visa- 2019 vs. 2021

Visas. The part of travel that stresses me out the most. But if you want to live in a new country and you don’t have a second passport and aren’t part of the EU, what are you supposed to do? In 2019 I applied for my first UK visa, the Tier 4 Student Visa. AsContinue reading “Applying for a UK Visa- 2019 vs. 2021”

Explore the United Kingdom- Ditch the City

There is no shortage of fun living in a city in the united kingdom. Still, it’s nice to escape the city and get back into nature every now and again. Lucky No matter what city you live in, the United kingdom, whether London, Manchester, or even Edinburg. You are going to be at least 2Continue reading “Explore the United Kingdom- Ditch the City”

Ashdown Forest: A Little Glimpse of Childhood

Ashdown Forest, or the 100 Acre Wood as you might know it, is a beautiful area in the South of England. Full of beautiful hiking trails, small towns and lots of literary history. Ashdown Forest is known for being the fictional home of Winnie the Pooh, the beloved bear with stories created by author A.A.Continue reading “Ashdown Forest: A Little Glimpse of Childhood”