Thessaloniki: The Perfect City Break

Thessaloniki was our last stop on our trip to Greece. By the time we got there, we had experienced mountains, seas, and lots of ancient sites. Neither one of us really knew what to do in Thessaloniki, but the city had some ideas. In this article I’ll take you through a little Thessaloniki itinerary, asContinue reading “Thessaloniki: The Perfect City Break”

The Strangest Sites of Brussels

When you think of Brussels, Belgium, what comes to mind? When I thought about Brussels, the only thing that I could think of was that the EU met there. I knew there was a large building with EU flags outside of it. But when we got to Brussels and everything was closed, what were weContinue reading “The Strangest Sites of Brussels”

VIKOS GORGE- An Untouched Paradise

What would you do if you had just hiked down one of the world’s deepest gorges and found yourself at the most turquoise river you have ever seen in your life! It turns out my first thought goes to I must get in even if I have no swimsuit. Yes, that’s right. I was aContinue reading “VIKOS GORGE- An Untouched Paradise”

Ashdown Forest: A Little Glimpse of Childhood

Ashdown Forest, or the 100 Acre Wood as you might know it, is a beautiful area in the South of England. Full of beautiful hiking trails, small towns and lots of literary history. Ashdown Forest is known for being the fictional home of Winnie the Pooh, the beloved bear with stories created by author A.A.Continue reading “Ashdown Forest: A Little Glimpse of Childhood”

Bruges: The Perfect City Break

In March of 2020, Josh and I had planned to take a weekend trip to Venice, instead however our trip took a quick turn when Venice was put into lockdown to try and stop the pandemic from spreading. So that weekend (not knowing that eventually we would all be in lockdown!) we booked a quickContinue reading “Bruges: The Perfect City Break”