Osaka-Eat Until you Drop:Part 2

Dotonbori-Street Food in Japan! As I said in my previous post, I found Osaka to be the best place in Japan for street food. I recommend walking up and down the neon light street of Dotonbori (the main strip of Osaka) at least once to check out all the stalls of food and then startContinue reading “Osaka-Eat Until you Drop:Part 2”

Osaka-Eat Until you Drop:Part 1

When travelling in Japan, the one place people will always tell you to go is Osaka. Look up what Osaka is famous for and you will see everyone say the food, even the slogan of Osaka is even ‘eat until you drop’. If you think like me you may be thinking this is just touristContinue reading “Osaka-Eat Until you Drop:Part 1”

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