Explore the United Kingdom- Ditch the City

There is no shortage of fun living in a city in the united kingdom. Still, it’s nice to escape the city and get back into nature every now and again. Lucky No matter what city you live in, the United kingdom, whether London, Manchester, or even Edinburg. You are going to be at least 2Continue reading “Explore the United Kingdom- Ditch the City”

Dublin- Must Visit Attractions

We have both been to Dublin on different occasions. Still, both of us saw very similar attractions to one another. Not because these are the most famous things to see and do in Dublin but because even when we are not travelling together we have such similar tastes that we gravitate to the same attractions,Continue reading “Dublin- Must Visit Attractions”

Kumano Nachi Taisha-The temple of your dreams

Kumano Nachi Taisha is one of the three famous temples in the Wakayama region, home to the Kumano Kudo trail. Since there are far too many temples in Japan to list, I’ve chosen to write about Kumano Nachi Taisha as this temple had some of my most memorable moments, maybe because I had just finishedContinue reading “Kumano Nachi Taisha-The temple of your dreams”

Gujo-A story book village in japan

While exploring Kyoto, the first capital of Japan, I received a text message from someone I had met in Tokyo almost a week earlier, asking if I would like to join them in exploring a little village she had discovered called Gujo. Neither one of us had heard anything about this village, but we hadContinue reading “Gujo-A story book village in japan”