Explore the United Kingdom- Ditch the City

There is no shortage of fun living in a city in the united kingdom. Still, it’s nice to escape the city and get back into nature every now and again. Lucky No matter what city you live in, the United kingdom, whether London, Manchester, or even Edinburg. You are going to be at least 2 hours away from a national park to go explore.

Andrea and I will talk about some of the favorite Natural wonders we have explored so far.

Jurassic Coast

The southwest of the Uk is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see, with unique rock formations next to beautiful sand beaches. It should be on everyone’s bucket list, But getting all the way to ‘lands end’ (the most western point in Cornwall). It can take up to a 7-hour drive from London, so if you are looking to get away for the weekend, Cornwall is kinda out of the question. Well, don’t throw away the whole southwest through Dorest Hold much to offer. With cute traditional villages featuring wooden staw roofs, hold destroyed castles, and the Jurassic coast! one of the UK’s best coastlines.

We didn’t find any dinosaur fossils while at the Jurassic Coast(but iv heard there are many to find. Doing a short but steep hike from Lulworth cove heading to Durdle door, we managed to see 3 outstanding coves, each unique from one. The other one was surrounded by white cliffs and greeny all around. At the same time, one looked like it where the pirates in 1700 would hide their ships. The final one is you would imagine a cove if a bit of kid again, all orange sand and deep water to swim in. It only took us an hour to reach Durdle door, where we spent the rest of our afternoon relaxing enjoying the beach, which one of our favorite beach views.

Top tip: Parking is expensive here! I found in the village by Lulworth cove was a pub and parking outside the pub was free. But get there early!

Peak District

We chose to start the morning off with a very wet and windy scramble on our trip, Andrea’s first every time getting hands-on rocks. It turned out peak district is a great training ground for scrambling of all levels. While Andrea can choose the defined routes, josh could test fate and climb up the middle of a waterfall. Later that very same afternoon, magically, as soon as we got try and into dry clothes. The sun came out, which made for some lovely walk throw the village of Bakewell here; we found many cafes serving afternoon teas.

The peak District has something for everyone so much that it was even voted number one national park in the whole of Europe. You will find caves to explore. Even in one cave, you can get a boat on the inside, waterways for rafting, horse riding, causal walking, and even scrambled experienced and beginner. If none of that interests you. And You just want to see cute villages away from the city life, I can not count how many villages we stopped. Our favorite so far was, of course, Bakewell

Top tip: Buy the most giant cherry Bakewell you can find in the village of Bakewell; they are delicious

Seven Sister

The dramatic white chalk cliffs of seven sisters offer the perfect day trip from London or any city in the south. The seven sister country park provides a great place to train for walking and hiking and fossil finding with any children. Andrea and I chose to hike the 22km from Seaford to Eastbourne, which took us across the Cuckmere river. Over the seven sisters and finally to an abrupt end at the beachy head. This hike had some challenging parts in it, but overall, I think anyone who has a day to kill could complete this. Suppose the 22km does sound a bit too far, well. In that case, seven sisters has a tour bus for families to jump on and off at any point. And experience any unique part, whether it’s one of the peaks, the Cuckmere river, or the lighthouse.

Top Tip: From the coastguard house at the Cuckmere river, you can see the full seven sisters(as most points, you will be on top of the cliff or right next to the beach points

Surrey Hill

Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is one of the most perfect day trips or weekend trips away from life in London and has many villages with train links. It’s only about 30/40 minutes on the train. You can find yourself listening to trees rustle instead of cars honking.

We got to explore surrey hills many times, living so close to it for a while. Some of our best experiences were hiking around box hill, The most prominent hill in surrey hill. A route that takes you overstepping stone on a calm river towards a village and finally up the hill with what must feel like 1000 stars. Being both a bit of wine snobs is also one reason we must recommend surrey hill as home to the most extensive wine vineyard ‘Denbies’ in the UK.

Top Tip: If you visit Denbies vineyard, chose to try the sparkling wine, it is their specialty, but they only told us that there halfway throw our tour


Snowdonia isn’t just one of my favorite places in the UK but in the whole world. Each mountain being so unique that whichever one you chose to scramble up will give you a new adventure. I have climbed Tryfan 4 times, selecting a different route that made for an exciting experience. And I plan to even take Andrea up this mountain one day. The national park was awarded best night sky in the UK, being one of two places in the world I have been able to see the milk-way way I can see why it won this award.
If climbing and camping aren’t your things, then don’t rule out this national park yet. You can find some of the largest lakes in the Uk here, a Labrithin of caves in the old slate mines in the south( one of the caves even hold the world’s largest indoor trampoline park), and a wealth of picturesque villages.
No matter what you find yourself doing in this national park, you will not get bored.

Top tip: Camp!! The night sky is one of the most amazing things in Snowdonia, and it’s something you won’t believe if it’s never appropriately seen from the cities. I spent at least 2 hours just staring at the sky and watching shooting stars go past

These are just some of the fantastic places the UK has to offer me. Andrea already has so many more places we want to go to for weekend trips and full holidays, such as Cornwall or even the highland in Scotland!

If you know of any more natural wonders, let us know! We always looking for another weekend getaway.

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